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26 November 2015

The Good Dinosaur

It’s Thanksgiving. What a great holiday! I am definitely giving thanks. I’m taking a little time off this week to spend time with our family. Today we caught a matinee, the new Pixar film, “Good Dinosaur”.   Congratulations to all those artists who spent countless hours bringing this film to life. TheD sweeping mountainous landscapes, like I’ve never seen before in an animated film, were captivating. I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the river scenes were downright palpable. It just looked so real at times. It’s amazing how great art and great artists can blur the line between fantasy and reality. I think the trick is to simply enjoy…and resist with all your strength the desire to analyze the life out of any experience.   Sure, there are times when deep thought and careful analysis serves us well. But childlike wonder is much harder to come by. A Clive Staples quote here would be cliché.   So here’s one by Alan Jacobs (as he reflected on the imagination of C.S. Lewis) – “Those who will never be fooled can never be delighted, because without self-forgetfulness there can be no delight, and this is a great and grievous loss.”   So I hope you, by some unexpected circumstance, in some way or by someone, are somehow truly delighted…even as a child. So enjoy the moment, the experience; and on all occasions, yes, give thanks.

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