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04 July 2015

Dwelling on our Freedom

Spent some time in California recently, and there was a moving memorial to fallen service men and women on the beach in Santa Monica. Row after row, crosses represented those who had given their lives, whether in life or in death, in dedication to our country. I try to take time each national holiday to truly consider what the day is honoring. When I think back on how this holiday came to be, I recall stories of sacrifice and integrity. It reminds me that even as flawed as we are, we can still pursue and protect good in the world. This is what I hope my artistic contribution will be. While that may seem unattainable and lofty, I do believe it healthy to have goals beyond ourselves. It keeps us in the pursuit and in humility, knowing how far we still have left to go. When I create, I try not to focus on the dream, as it will surely frustrate the process. But it is ever in the depth of my heart- a longing to provide this world with fragments of encouragement and hope. If I can example even a shred of the grace given me, it will be worth the pursuit.


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