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10 March 2015

Step Back to Step in

Luscious, isn’t it? Yeah, this is home… a little place we like to call, Aspen. Sorry, I had to reference that iconic cult film. It really is such a strange reality to live in this mountain town. I often feel like it’s the twilight zone… a place where toddlers ski before they walk, and women really DO flock instinctively like the salmon of Capistrano. (I’ll stop, I promise.) There really aren’t many seasons out here that don’t hold incredible promise. (Besides mud season… yes, mud season. It’s a thing.) Winter is a favorite for the above reason- that’s a shot of our multi-stringed savant, Brian Payne, shredding it on a locals-favored mountain, Highlands. For you mountain nerds like us, that’s the Bowl… on a powder day… thing of beauty. It can be easy to get caught up in this place, for it truly is majestic. The mountains change seasonally, even daily, in their visually accosting features. It’s common to let that take center stage, without acknowledging the Creator of it. I find that even in my creative process, I can let an idea or image take over, without engaging the One who inspires it. So often I want to barrel through to the end result, thinking I have it all figured out from afar. What would happen if I could only take a step back, breathe, and drink in the depth of the Master at work? It’s amazing to me to think that the masterpiece is still evolving, and I am a sweet design in the Master’s vision.

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