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05 May 2022

Spring and New Life

It’s spring here in Colorado. The long winter is over or nearly over. Everything around me is bursting forth in new growth, new life. Oh we will definitely have another snow storm or two, or six, as we did yesterday. But knowing it will snow again does not quench my enthusiasm for the coming season; the warm days, cool evenings, the smell of spruce trees, hiking a mountain trail or just walking our dog, Charlie, on a crisp spring morning (see above). It’s all so wonderful and at least in the northern hemisphere, the spring and summer is all ahead of us. I sense I am really writing this post out of a personal desire to mark this point in time and remember to live well, be grateful and enjoy the days of grace I’ve been given. Life is never perfect but it is a gift. My 21 year old daughter posted a small sign on her bedroom door many years ago (when she was just 14) that read, “Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.” I have remembered that simple summary of a good attitude many times since. I believe we all generally wish to have a good attitude about life but perhaps we are too often invaded or even overtaken by negative thoughts and criticisms of others or other situations or even ourselves. This may be a little esoteric for a musical post but bear with me a moment. Just google “self talk” and read through the results for two minutes. I’m not sharing anything here you don’t already know, but this, “self talk”, is our internal dialogue which ultimately reveals our beliefs, even our identity. I believe that our quality of life is more related to what we believe, what we think, much more so than what we can afford. If we want to change our life, our day to day experience, we must first change how we think. So here and now I want to encourage you to set your mind on good things, noble things, things that are excellent, true and beautiful. Share this commitment with a friend or family member and the effects may just have an exponential effect. Of course I am not saying here that we should ignore or avoid the realities of much pain and suffering and injustice around the world. We must certainly help carry the burdens of those around us. That’s part of community. We are part of community. But I am suggesting we examine our own thoughts and self talk for one day or even seven days or longer, and hold on to the good and discard the rest. This is one simple way we can contribute, to our workplace, friend group, family or even our own lived experience in this life. Let’s have a great spring and season ahead and be catalysts for good in this world.

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